tips for clash royale

clash royale

Clash Royale is one of the kingdom cards game and it is the real time battle game. In this game you have two separate fields one is yours and another one is your opponents. You can beat your opponent by using your different cards while you playing your game. The cards having different strengths and it will help you at the time of battle.

You can also share your scores via face book by login account. From this your opponent also a real person, so you have to play carefully to won the battle. This game has 13 levels and the person who won the battle will go to the next level. At that time the cards are also helpful to you to win the battle. You can buy the cards by using clash royale cheats and it will give you more number of gems to win the battle. The person who got more number of chests, gold and gems can get the top most places in the playing series.

Enter into the arena:

Arena is the battling field, in which you are fighting with your opponents. If you want to win the game then you have to enter into the rival’s field and fight against them, in that time the cards will help you. You couldn’t stop after went to the opponents field, you have to beat the enemy kings and princess in your opponent side and try to get trophies.

Tips to win in the battle:

clash royale

Before going to the battle you have to choose the better deck, because it will be with you in the entire game. If you loss in the game then take just 2 minutes gap. It will make your mind free and helps to won the next battle. If you search for the next battle immediately after your loss then it makes your mind tired easily, then there is no probability to win in that next battle also. So always keep your mind tension free in the entire game.

Keep your eyes on the timer and it will make you to play in the particular period of time and helps you to won the battle. If you won in the first battle, then make your mind free and play defensively to beat in the next battle. Most of the people think defense is very tough, but defense is very easy to manage the game. If your opponent has weak towers then try to beat it by using your spells and start pushing very toughly. Don’t finish your spell very short and it will help to your opponent to win the battle.

Cards in the game:

The game has nearly 66 cards to play like, Hog-rider, Poison, Baby-dragon, Goblin hut, Freeze, Witch etc. But one can use only 8 cards during the battle. In those cards Freeze-spell is one of the best cards because it has higher power to beat the enemy and it has 4 tile radius and long duration. X-bow is one of the worst cards which is super strong and highly reactive and it targets air units.

Overall concept:

The main thing to get first position in the gaming industry then the game must be interesting to play and give some benefits. The Clash Royale game has the Qualities such as it improve the concentration and give relax from the work tension. So people use it properly and doesn’t addicted to it.…